BoxInvy (BETA)

Inventory what you own & know what you have with BoxInvy.

Inventory your home, work ETC...
Keep track of what everything costs.
QRCode your Locations, Boxes & Items.
Easily search through everything that you inventory.
Don't lose what you inventory, keep it all secure in the cloud.

BoxInvy is in open beta.

Sign up today and get everything for free until BoxInvy goes stable. Let's make BoxInvy better together.

What are the features?

Search for it & see it at a glance

Need to find an item? Search for it quick & easily. Keep track of where you bought it and how much you paid for it.

How much was it worth?

Have you always wondered how much everything is worth in your house/office, ETC...?

It's backed up in the cloud

Have peace of mind that all your stuff is still in the cloud when you need it. You don't have to worry about losing anything or backing it up everytime you add to it.

Lose everything or something?

Know what you own when you lose it. Let an insurance adjuster in by sharing a location or organization.

This is BoxInvy Organizations & Locations. The locations hold boxes & items.

If you have a business or just want to share things with your family all at once use organizations. BoxInvy was built from the ground up to be able to share everything with your friends, Family & Co-Workers. You'll have full control and privacy.

Ditch using the Word Document, Pieces of paper & Excel to keep up with your inventory.

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