BoxInvy helps you inventory your House, Apartment, Business, RV & more...

BoxInvy's Locations, Boxes & Items... Let's you organize everything effortlessly & keeps everything safe for when you need it!


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The Features


Locations are used to hold all your Boxes & Items they normally are named after your house or business. If for an example you inventory your boat this should be the marina name.


Boxes are right under locations & you can have multple boxes under each other to structure your data the way you want.


Items are under your boxes they hold data like model number, serial number, Date purchased & cost ETC...

Why inventory?

Property Fire

In a property fire you could lose everything in less than a day. When you go through the insurance claim they want you to prove what you had with pics. If you had proof they wouldn't give you a hard time about covering your property.

Natural Distaster

Your property could be destroyed by a tornado, huricane anything. When you inventory your items you get a peace of mind that you have proof with what you had down to a tooth brush if you want.


If your property is stolen have peace of mind that you will know what exactly was stolen & you can give it to the insurance adjuster.

BoxInvy is here for you

When you inventory anything in BoxInvy it is replicated in total of 12 times between images & raw data. Don't worry about losing your device & your data. It's always going to be safe & sound on BoxInvy Cloud.

Wonder what your property cost?

Know what everything costs

You are now able to tell your insurance agent exactly what coverage you need. So if you have to use insurance your not under insured.

Content & Structural

Your coverage is based on content & structural cost. Structural is anything that is attached to the property. Contents is what's not attached to the property. Your boxes & items can either be for structural or content.

Let your Insurance Agent or Adjuster in

You can share any location with anybody as long as they have a free boxinvy account. If you need to you can share your location with an adjuster & give him or her special adjuster access. You can share a location with your agent as well. Share with anybody but have fined gained control over who you share with.

Ok how do I structure the inventory?

Locations are the trunk of the tree

You can think about locations as the trunk of the tree it's where everything goes.

Boxes are branches

Boxes are the branches of the tree you have have as many boxes under each other within your allocated plan.

Items are leaves

You can think of items as leafs they can be under a box.

Grow it the way you want

It's simple but very very powerful when you can structure any way you want & have the freedom to have muliple levels of boxes like tree branches.

Our Story

Our house fire

We started the day like normal & went boating in the evening. Not knowing when we come home our house was burning down. It was a tragedy Christopher (Son) & Billy (Dad) both broke down on the road hyper ventilating & crying because our stuff was on fire. We didn't really know what to think at that point in time. Audra (mom) was awesome she was staying strong but in the inside she knew it was really bad & all the property that we accumulated in 23 years was gone! We stayed up for 24 hours straight standing out side of our house that was burned down & dealing with all the people.

Finally we where getting our lifes kind of together in the rental house & trying to find a new house. We didn't have proof for the insurance on the home side of things. Luckily having a good insurance company they figured it out but we where still under insured because the agent didn't listen to things that we told him. He guestimated for the type of house with a computer & didn't listen that we had 23 years worth of stuff so we lost roughly around $175,000 because of being under insured.